2017 Advent Calendar by Mr Bingo


The Advent Calendar by Mr Bingo is back!


Although the concept* is the same, there are five differences between last years and this years Advent Calendar:
1. All the people this year are actual real people.
2. They’re dancing.
3. The paper stock has a nice texture to it so it’s a bit more fucking arty.
4. I’m in it.
5. It finishes on Christmas Day this year so you get an extra day of nudey scratchy fun.

A group of naked people slowly revealing themselves over the duration of a month is so much better (IMO).
Treat yourself in December by removing a different humans clothes each day.
Each person is numbered (1-25) and their clothes are printed with a rub removable opaque gold ink (or in layman’s terms – that stuff you get on scratch cards).