Folklore & Avant-Garde: The Reception of Popular Traditions in the Age of Modernism

The publication examines in depth the influence of folkloric traditions on the pioneers of Modernism in the development of their new artistic language. Craft objects and folk art are contrasted with masterpieces by artists of the avant-garde like Josef Albers, Sonia Delaunay, Johannes Itten, Vasily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Pablo Picasso, Charles Sheeler and Sophie Taeuber-Arp.


A century after the emergence of Modernism in Europe and America, this standard work aims at a new assessment of the period. Towards the end of the nineteenth century many artists and architects found inspiration in local folk art. Private collectors, museums and artists began to collect and exhibit it. The enthusiasm for traditional craft techniques increased as a result of the threat posed by the rise of industrialisation. The focus in this volume lies on the reception of African, folk and peasant art and textile handicrafts. The phenomenon is discussed by international authors and is demonstrated by means of 350 illustrations.

Anni Albers | Josef Albers | Bauhaus-Töpferei Dornburg | Mae Bishop| Theodor Bogler| Constantin Brancusi |
Heinrich Campendonk | Marc Chagall | Le Corbusier | Heinz Dahmen | Nils Dardel | Julius de Praetere |
Sonia Delaunay | Arthur Diener | Paul Dresler | Johannes Driesch | Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain |
Paul Gauguin | J. Geiger [Johann Chrysostomos Geiger] |  Natalja Gontscharowa | Lise Gujer | Marsden Hartley |
Erich Heckel | Josef Hoffmann | Abigail Hill | Morris Hirshfield | Jonathan Howard & Co. | Johannes Itten |
Wassily Kandinsky | Ernst Ludwig Kirchner | Alice Knight Cheney Tuttle | Wassili Koren | Max Krehan |
Germaine Krull | Michail Larionow | Otto Lindig | El Lissitzky | Helmuth Macke | Kasimir Malewitsch |
Franz MarcGerhard Marcks | Paul Mechlen | |Alfred Mohrbutter | Gerhard Munthe | Gabriele Münter |
Elie Nadelman | Richard Neutra | Emil Nolde | Pablo Picasso | Niko Pirosmani | Henri Rousseau |
Charles Sheeler| Dr. Samuel Addison Shute | | Helene Spengler | Sophie Taeuber-Arp | Hermann Thoeren |
Johan Thorn Prikker | Hugo van der Woude | Ruth Whittier Shute | Frank Lloyd Wright | Henry Young

Carl Dreyer | Jean Epstein | Fritz Lang | Len Lye | Chris Marker | Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau | Karel Plicka |
Olga Preobraschenskaja | Alain Renais | Lotte Reiniger | Paul Wegener