The Best of LensCulture, Volume 3

by Schilt Publishing & Gallery

How do you discover the most interesting photography in the world today? Here are 165 photographers who are making remarkable work right now. In this book you will find work spanning 39 countries, six continents and a multitude of important topics – a truly global snapshot of photography at its best in the 21st century.


Following on from the success of The Best of LensCulture, vol. 1 and 2, the next volume promises to deliver another book full of stunning photography. Fresh, inspiring, thought-provoking: here is an overview and introduction to 165 contemporary photographers from cultures around the world.

Since 2004, LensCulture has sought to discover the most interesting photographers working worldwide. The editorial team scours the globe—attending festivals, portfolio reviews, exhibitions and graduation shows—in search of new and developing talents.