GO! WORLD Sticker Poster


GO! WORLD Sticker Poster by Bold Tuesday.


In a traveler’s heart is always a desire for adventure – and there’s nothing better than being able to carry those memories wherever you go. If you’re not one to leave your most beloved things behind, this interactive sticker poster may be the perfect fit. Peel off the sticker of each country you’ve been to, and post it in a journal. Watch at home as the poster lightens, and your world opens up. If you prefer to keep your memories in your back pocket, this poster is for you.
The interactive, peel-off stickers of each country in the world will let you recall where you’ve been and see how far you have to go once you’re back. When you first receive it, the poster will be entirely black. Each time you travel somewhere new, peel off another sticker and place it in your journal, and watch the world lighten up before your very eyes.