Pause. London in Lockdown – Jan Enkelmann

‘Pause’ is a collection of photos made by Jan Enkelmann during the first lockdown, between March and June of this year. They capture London in a way most of us will not have experienced before. Shot just before and after sunset, the book presents many of London’s iconic sights and landmarks, but also some lesser-known and obscure corners of the city devoid of its usual crowds.


“Hauntingly beautiful… a city in anticipation yet also in repose.”

“It has the answer to what I wondered was happening during the lockdown. It’s beautiful while sorrowful. Thank you for documenting and publishing this book.”

“…the sensation that people left the city but forgot to turn the lights out.”

“…a bittersweet memento of London during these strange times.”

“Everything about this book – the typography, the design, the print and of course the photography – is top drawer. Ever wondered what London looks like without people or cars? I recommend you get a copy and find out.”

“I have been unreasonably excited about [the book’s] arrival and I certainly haven’t been disappointed. It’s truly glorious.”

“Your book captures the rhythm of the city. Thank you for making something so poignant out of this difficult time. I paused, and breathed, and browsed, and felt all is good with the world!”