Claudia Chanhoi, illustratrice di Hong Kong, esplora in modo ironico e molto diretto il problema della disuguaglianza tra i sessi e in particolare dell’oggetificazione della donna.

After leaving all-girls Catholic school (and Sunday school) at the age of 12, sex was widely introduced everywhere. Female bodies have been broadly used as a sex object to sell everything because of gender inequality. However, some modern women or celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj objectify and sexualise themselves as “an expression of their empowerment over men”. Also, some female artists use their female body to celebrate female sexual power in order to receive more sexual freedom from our society and to push the perceived gender boundaries.

Parti del corpo femminile vengono mostrate in enormi banchetti o come ornamenti in stanze molto dettagliate. Colori forti e contorni spessi sono i primi elementi che saltano all’occhio, ma un senso di amaro pervade subito dopo inducendo ad una riflessione più profonda.

The caption is a very important element to the imagery because she believes a piece of good work is not only visually interesting, but it also needs to serve a purpose.

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